Why Your Hair Needs a Deep Conditioning Treatment

March 18, 2024
deep conditioning treatment
Whether your hair is curly or straight, short or long, you can benefit from a deep conditioning treatment. Deep conditioners are designed to retain moisture and soften your hair that may be damaged by hair coloring, chemical straightening, excessive exposure to heat through UV rays or heated styling tools, and even medication. Healthy hair is naturally elastic. If your hair suffers from heat damage, it can get dry, brittle, and be prone to breakage. A deep conditioning treatment for hair can improve its elasticity.

What is a Deep Conditioning Treatment?

A deep conditioning treatment is a specialized conditioning formula made with nourishing ingredients such as avocado oil, argan oil, or coconut oil. If you have thick and coarse hair, you may want a deep conditioner with thick oil, like olive oil. But say you have thinner hair, you wouldn’t want to weigh it down too much. Therefore, choosing a deep conditioning treatment with a lighter oil is best. You do not want to make your hair appear greasy. Shine is good. Grease is bad.

Deep conditioners are applied to freshly washed hair (but not soaking wet) and left to sit for anywhere from five minutes to an hour, sometimes longer, so your hair can take in all the delightful benefits. Basically, it is a fortified hair mask that can transform your locks.

Aiming to deep condition your hair regularly is best, but this does not mean every day. Consider using a lightweight leave-in conditioner if you want to condition your hair daily. Your hair type will help you determine the frequency of deep conditioning, but every two weeks is a good place to start as you build up your haircare routine.

Also, you can use heat (such as a heated cap) when you deep condition your hair, enabling your porous hair shafts to open more and retain moisture. If you do not have a heated cap, a plastic cap can also help warm your scalp. However, when you rinse out the conditioner, use cool water to close the hair cuticles.

Always shampoo your hair before deep conditioning. The process works best on clean hair; you will want to clear your hair of any dirt, free radicles, and excess oils so that the conditioner can penetrate the hair shaft easily.

Be sure to pay close attention to your ends, as these are the areas most prone to damage and breakage. After all, these are the oldest parts of your hair, so they deserve some extra care.

You May Need a Deep Conditioning Treatment If:

  • You have untamable frizz that is out of control

  • Your hair gets tangled very easily, and even detanglers don’t seem to help

  • Your hair feels weak and brittle and is prone to shedding or split ends

  • You have a flaky or itchy scalp

  • Your hair feels like straw

  • You use heated styling tools frequently, such as straighteners, curling irons, or blow dryers

  • You have color-treated or chemically processed hair

  • You spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun

  • You swim in chlorinated pools frequently without a swim cap

Benefits of Deep Conditioning Treatment for Hair

There are so many benefits to deep conditioning treatments. Notably, treatment is available for everyone, no matter your hair type. You may need the right blend of ingredients that best suits your individual hair profile. Deep conditioning treatments for hair restore glossy shine and can help your locks glow.

Deep conditioning prevents further damage to your hair and is an excellent remedy to help existing heat-damaged hair. As mentioned before, it can increase moisture and improve elasticity, giving your hair a natural lift and bounce. Deep conditioning makes your hair feel silky soft and encourages your strands to “behave,” making combing, brushing, and styling a breeze.

Do you have color-treated hair? Deep conditioning can make those colors “pop” while protecting your hair from damage from any color-treated chemicals. Keep your hair color vibrant and your hair irresistibly soft with regular deep conditioning treatments.

A deep conditioning treatment can ease your dryness and reduce symptoms if you suffer from an itchy scalp or dandruff. Deep conditioning treatments can also restore your hair’s natural pH balance. And let’s not discount the fact that deep conditioning treatments feel good. Your hair smells good, looks good, and feels lighter and healthier.

With all these benefits combined, it is safe to say that a deep conditioning treatment can actually help your hair grow. By improving the health of your hair, minimizing breakage and split ends, and supporting scalp health, you can grow happy, healthy locks supported by this moisturizing treatment.

DIY or Salon?

There are plenty of recipes for deep conditioners you can make at home. Some require household ingredients such as olive oil and honey, or you can try warm coconut milk. You can also purchase deep conditioning treatments at most stores and care for your hair on your own time. Just know there are many options out there. You can do a five-minute deep conditioning treatment, an hour-long session, a heated treatment, or even an overnight treatment.

However, if you’re new to deep conditioning, have severely damaged hair, or just want to add a little pampering to your life, you should head to the salon for a deep conditioning treatment. Who doesn’t love a nice gentle scalp massage as a professional washes and cares for your hair?

The experts at Salon Bennett and Spa have years of hair care experience. The team would be happy to assist you and explore the right deep conditioning formula that is best suited for your individual hair needs. Salon Bennett and Spa offer deep conditioning treatment as one of their many fantastic haircare offerings. Whether you have questions about your hair or want to prevent future damage, the Salon Bennett and Spa team is ready to help you love your locks even more. Book your appointment today!
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