How To Change Your Hair Care Routine For The Fall

March 18, 2024
fall hair care routine
Pumpkin spice lattes, piping hot apple cider, chilly mornings, and crunchy leaves. These are all telltale signs of fall. But with these delights come some changes, such as drier air and static electricity from sweaters, scarves, and hats. As the seasons change, it may also be time to change your hair care routine. After all, you can’t let the beautiful autumn foliage hog all the gorgeous spotlight. And let’s not forget you’re coming out of a season full of high UV rays, ocean waves, and chlorine exposure if you enjoyed swimming pools.

Fall hair care comes with its own set of challenges. Instead of battling humidity and protecting your hair from sun damage, you face the opposite problem: dry air and dry hair. Here are a few things you should do to prepare for the cozy season.

Time for a Trim

The change of seasons is a perfect time to trim your locks. Especially if you plan on wearing your hair down or long through the end of the year, even the most well-kept summer hair can take a beating. To usher in new and healthy strands, consider trimming your ends. Split ends can cause your hair to thin, fray, or slow new growth. The drier air can make hair prone to breakage. You can avoid this with an early autumn trim.

Enbrace the Power of Shampoo

At the start of the season, invest in a clarifying shampoo session to begin fall with a clean slate. It is a great way to prepare your hair for an autumn hair care routine. Beyond a clarifying shampoo, a shampoo for dry hair is a must. Washing your hair less often will help prevent moisture from escaping your hair. Invest in a quality dry shampoo for those water-free days.

Indulge in Deep Conditioners, Hair Maks, or Oil

Combat static electricity from dry hair with moisturizing tools. To keep your hair moisturized, the natural oils in your hair need to be protected at all costs. You can enjoy a deep conditioning treatment bi-weekly or try a deep conditioning mask. Hot oil treatments with natural ingredients can maintain your hair’s moisture to promote elasticity and shine.

Let Your Hair Down

Ditch the ponytail this season to prevent your hair strands from breaking off. Above all, do not sleep in a ponytail, for you can cause extensive stress to your scalp. You can pin your hair up softly if you favor an updo. Your autumn hair routine should minimize split ends and breakage as much as possible.

Calm the Cortex

From follicles to the hair shaft, your hair is a complex structure. The cortex, or center of your hair, provides strength to the hair strand. The hair cuticle surrounds the cortex, protecting it. Summer heat can raise and even damage your hair cuticles. Plus, damaged cuticles are responsible for dull and dry hair. You can care for your cortex by gently combing conditioner through your strands after shampooing. Begin at the ends and work your way to the roots.

Dry Your Hair Naturally

You do not want to leave home with wet hair in the colder months. Once you go into a cold environment with wet hair, you can cause your hair to break. This is because your hair is weakest when it is wet. If you are in a time crunch, you will probably reach for the blow dryer. Try to keep it in a cool setting instead of hot. The best way to dry your hair is naturally with warmer air in your home before heading out into the colder environment.

Protection Products

If you need to use your blow dryer or hair straighter or curling iron because, let’s face it, these beauty tools are stylistic staples, make sure you use proper protection before turning up the heat. There are a variety of serums or heat sprays you can apply to your hair before using heat-based styling products. This will prevent moisture loss and heat damage.

Stock Up on Volumizer

When it is hot and humid, your hair has plenty of voluminous bounce. But when it is dry and cold, your hair tends to lay flat. If your signature style needs a boost, look into a volumizing spray that can lift your hair from the root. Be sure to read the ingredients; the more natural the product, the better it will be for your hair.

Dive Into Vitamin D

Typically, our bodies get a healthy dose of Vitamin D through sun exposure. Yet, as autumn rolls into winter, our opportunities for sun exposure may dwindle. Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for hair regeneration. Examine your diet to ensure you’re eating Vitamin D-rich foods to compensate for the lack of Vitamin D you would get from the summer sunshine.

Massage your Scalp

A good scalp massage can do wonders for your health and your hair. Not only does it promote relaxation and help reduce stress, but a massage can stimulate blood flow throughout the scalp, delivering much-needed proteins and nutrients to your hair follicles when they need them the most. You can buy a simple scalp massaging tool or look into a professional wash with a massage at the salon. Regular scalp massages are a great way to keep your hair looking its best while you feel your best at the same time.

Get Advice from the Experts

Not sure where to start? Unsure which clarifying shampoo is best for your hair type? Want to book that scalp massage for next weekend? The Salon Bennett and Spa expert team are ready to help you transition your summer locks into a fall style you will love to wear (and maintain). You can book an appointment and let the Salon Bennett team take care of you.Salon Bennett & Day Spa has a wide variety of services for every hair type. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or need professional haircare guidance and inspiration, you won’t be disappointed when you choose Salon Bennett and Day Spa.
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